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Mellotron: A Tale of Two Countries

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mellotron: a cool tape keyboard that sounds like a mini orchestra! Born from a Chamberlin, loved by rock stars, and now available as a Force-ful plugin.

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Hollow sun: High Noon

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stephen Howell, after exploring his love of synthesis during his teens, worked on classic releases like the AKAI Headrush and Alesis Fusion in his early twenties due to a fortunate encounter with an AKAI executive. However, exhausted from business dealings and frequent travel, he chose to strike out independently.


Reverb? Choose!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Choose between a 600lb decommissioned bomb turned drinks cabinet and the first plate reverb unit, EMT140: a German-made, vintage, sonic wonder. Your call: impress guests or mesmerize audiences?

News Samplepack


Reading Time: < 1 minute Experience a musical revolution with the de-complex sample pack, featuring 24 modal nonlinear sounds with spatial components. Available in December 2023 for only £18.99!

News is 6 months old today!

Reading Time: 2 minutes, dedicated to specialist articles on sounds, celebrates six months of sharing insightful content on philosophy, psychology, history, technology, and culture.

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