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Experience a musical revolution with the de-complex sample pack, featuring 24 modal nonlinear sounds with spatial components. Available in December 2023 for only £18.99!

The de-complex sample pack is a collection of modal nonlinear sounds.

Each one of the 24 strong sounds has spatial field components incorporated.

The de-complex sample pack will be available to buy December 2023 at £18.99 at selected vendors. is working on a catalogue of packs both paid and free!

  • MODAL: In music, the term “modal” refers to a type of music that uses diatonic scales that are not necessarily major or minor and does not use functional harmony as we understand it within tonality. In the context of a sound pack some of the sounds will vier away from the traditional scales as commonly used in the formation of music.
  • NONLINEAR acoustics is a branch of physics and acoustics that deals with sound waves. Sound waves of sufficiently large amplitudes that arrive at distortion. In the context of a sound pack the user will hear some instances of low to medium distortion. This is intended as part of the fabric of the sound and will be perfectly usable in your project.
  • SPATIAL sound is a type of audio that provides a sense of height width and depth to the sound. This allows the listener to determine the location of the sound source. In the context of a sound pack the user will hear elements that make up each “patch” come from sonic perspectives different from the more common “left & right.”
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