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SAMPLE PACK! introduces its first Sample Pack, creatively using VST Triggering for interesting sonic experiences. It includes 100 different sounds designed for creative sound layering, priced at £12.99. is excited to announce our first sample pack! We have carefully selected only the most interesting artifacts for this pack.

To begin with, we created this unique Chip Butty sample pack using VST Triggering. We use VST triggering to apply free-running pre-programmed effects with a VST plugin. Once the VST’s input has been provided, i.e. via MIDI controller, it will switch to the computer’s internal hardware and continue its pre-programmed effect with only a little bit of tweaking beforehand.

This technique can provide a novel and interesting sonic experience. The VST will run freely all by itself! The user then only needs to tweak the plugin to get all kinds of interesting effects! Interestingly, they will audibly and visibly (depending on the VST) oscillate, pan and have all the imperfections and nonlinearities that are characteristic of much analogue processing.

In addition, in the Chip Butty sample pack, you will find 100 sounds including sweeps, swoops, crackles, pops, squares and saws, short sequences and noise. With these sounds, you have all you need to start blending, layering, mashing and tweaking to make that next very cool pad, lead or effect!

Sample pack 100 sounds.  WAV format.  Price: £12.99 Available soon from selected vendors.

DEMO: ‘HyaSynth’ (lead sound made from this sample pack)

Pack created using the D16 Decimort 2 high-quality bit crusher.

Image shows a screenshot of the D16 Decimort 2 VST from the article: SAMPLEPACK! courtesy of
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