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Acoustic instruments are just presets. 

Random Internet person

I really like that.

But whether you’re using acoustic “presets” or are bolting VST’s into your DAW for your next creation – sounds are what you’ll need to bring that idea in your head into this reality.

Ownership control of sounds is much more difficult than it used to be.  Back-in-the-day without the internet, sounds were usually traded on floppy disks.  A physical form of media with a low storage capacity.  Not even in the same world as the terabytes we use today.

Now add the internet and you’ve got a Wild West of ownership and re-ownership.

Artistic diligence 😤

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Sample origins – do you know yours?

This takes place in the creation phase.  Think of it this way…

You want to build a house.  Now, you could go find a nearby building site and steal a few bricks, and then you think “well I saw another building site a while back, I’ll go and see if I can take any from there.” And so you do.

Now let’s say you’ve built the house.  You’re gonna want to finish it of course.  So you start looking for fixtures.  Taps, light fittings and so on.  You get thinking again “well I never paid to build my house, there’s little point in paying for what’s in it!”

NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU’RE A HARDENED CRIMINAL and you only started with a few bricks! 🧱

Lastly, you’re going to want to live in it right? Trouble is, every time you look at the walls;  the ceiling or open and shut a door, you realise that none of this is yours.  You don’t actually own any of it. 

Sad times 😢

Decide before you build!

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Good choices matter

Yes, you might find 5000 samples for $3.99 on eBay.  But are they really yours even when you’ve bought them? And more to the point were they really theirs to sell in the first place?

But that’s on them. Their burden of guilt doesn’t have to be yours.

When you buy something legitimately, that’s when it becomes yours 👏. And the chain of commerce that brought them to you has kept its integrity, and all of us win.

The Creator of the sounds, the seller and you too.  Even the sellers internet host benefits just by you visiting their website!

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Lastly, has a shortlist of Top 30 Platforms to Buy Sample and Loop Packs it’s from 2018, but the big dogs of sample distribution are still the same. Check it out.

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