News is 6 months old today!, dedicated to specialist articles on sounds, celebrates six months of sharing insightful content on philosophy, psychology, history, technology, and culture.

It’s more than just beep bop boop…

This site is way more than just a website with specialist (nerdy) articles on making sounds!

It also attempts to distill philosophy, psychology, history, technology, culture and life in general within its scope too.

If anything, the base is really only just that (with exceptions of course)]

We live in a fascinating age, where information is so incredibly prevalent but is also so often secularized or quickly disposed of. likes the idea of a common interest on subjects that most of us already know something about. And that if the writer is good enough a reader could find an article on dry walling fascinating – or at least interesting! No offense to dry-wallers of course 🙂

So can a website focused on sound, sonics and sample packs be interesting? Why don’t you read a couple of articles and find out.

luminaries -→ technology -→ retrospectives was founded to share with you informative, accurate and interesting articles.

As marks its “first 6 months today!” Let’s have a quick recap on how this website has met its mission.

From an exclusive ongoing six-part series on Hollow Sun founder Stephen Howell, to the inclusion of RARE data photos for classic machines such as the Fairlight Tape Streamer and IIx to a classic article on the value of libraries and the changing employment market in recent history. aims to be a lot more than just sample packs with a description placed under them! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but to realise that there is a whole other history that’s worth including, we get a much fuller picture and enjoyment of something that is so embedded in our culture: sounds, stems and samples are everywhere! SN

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