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The 2023 awards! 🏆

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In a December 2023 report published by the global Music Production Software market is expected to reach $1.7B by 2030. This figure includes DAW and VST products, with the two biggest markets currently being the USA and China.

But it’s not all about the numbers. Custom home brew concepts continue to materialize in the digital sphere. With some progressed into hardware realities that are paraded at music technology fares all over the world, in brave competition to newer and more established manufacturers.

Ultimately, there is a growing number of us who are taking the time and dedication – in an increasingly fast paced world, to create something interesting, innovative and most of all useful.

The awards humbly seeks to reward its winners with that little bit of extra recognition.  So, let’s get to it!

The six categories:

  • Best Website
  • Best VST
  • Best sample pack
  • Best product innovation
  • Best product design
  • Special recognition award

Best website award

Image shows screenshot of landing page for the website from the article: The 2023 awards! 🏆 by
©Inmusic – Space in a crowded world manages to provide the casual or serious enthusiast with hundreds of products. Instruments, effects, expansions and sound packs are catered for in a spacious and clean interface.

The primary menu is kept to a minimalist four with a sub menu count of just five, with simple one button options for purchase or more info. Integrated videos are well made and presented.

In an industry where – let’s be honest, retail websites can appear somewhat crowded, this orderly and spacious layout is appreciated, which to me (products aside) is its greatest strength. With that wins Best Website this year!

Best VST award

©️KORG – Experienced attention to a classic

With a full review just around the corner: “The Last Masterpiece.” I will suffice it to say that this digital rendering of a Korg classic is pretty darn-well meticulous!

The Korg Triton / Triton Extreme VST is an almost complete recreation of its hardware counterpart, beautifully rendered. In a veritable jungle of sound library choices, the Triton / Extreme VST is a top draw library of go-to sounds.

So, thank you Korg for this solid studio asset. The attention to detail both functionally and aesthetically – not to forget the inclusion of all the expansion packs, secures the win for Best VST this year.

Best sample pack award

Image shows cover picture for the Blue Swells sample pack by ZenDaw from the article: The 2023 awards! 🏆 By
©ZenDaw – Carefully crafted bags the win

The blending together of three renowned instruments: the PPG Wave 2, Ensoniq Mirage and that rare swansong the Ensoniq Fizmo. ZenDaw has crafted a multitude of seamless hardware realistic patches into a rich varied tapestry. Each pre-configured for use of the VST of your choice making the Blue Swells pack this year’s worthy entrant and winner.

Not only was this a labour of love it’s quite an achievement. Read more about the pack here: full review of the Blue Swells pack.

ZenDaw are continuing their success with their products now finding a home on major retail sites.

Best product innovation award

Image shows product images by the  music technology manufacturer Antelope Audio from the article: The 2023 awards! 🏆 By
©Antelope Audio – AFX2DAW Best innovation winner

Is there a better recent DAW innovation than Antelope Audio’s AFX2DAW? Where real-time processing occurs in the box freeing much needed CPU of your computer.

With Antelopes 64bit AFC clocking they have raised the bar for quality home studio recording at home studio prices. This is worth pointing out as high-end production is notoriously – albeit rightly, expensive.

With competition from the likes of Universal Audio in the high-end interface stakes, this can only mean better products for us. Whatever 2024 brings in the way of innovation Antelope Audio’s AFX2DAW wins it this year hands down!

Best product design

Image shows a screenshot of Wavefactory's Cassette VST from the article: The 2023 awards! 🏆 By
© – Almost untrue realism

A VST doesn’t have to be complex to be beautiful or to deserve recognition. And this simple beauty delivers. 

Musicradar said of this VST:

Wavesfactory’s plugin takes cassette emulation seriously, resulting in a deep, nuanced and powerful effects processor. couldn’t agree more; its clean elegant lines belie a very customizable and effective effects plugin.

With the Waves Cassette Vintage Tape Simulator it’s time to put on your pumps and relive that sound! This really is the cassette’s digital bedfellow. Look no further. Speaking of which, now where did I put my headphones with those little orange cushions?

Special recognition award

Image shows a screenshot of the landing page for the website Kidnepro from the article: The 2023 awards! 🏆 By
©️ – Respect your elders

Established all the way back in 1984 in the same year as the Ensoniq Mirage, has got to hand it to Kidnepro for staying power.

A faithful and stable player in the sound library industry, I wonder aside from and if there are other retailers out there from our “golden era?” Feel free to use the Contact form if you know of any more!

With competition more fierce than ever I hope that Kidnepro continues. Surely one of the oldest retailers of its kind in the industry, they deserve this award for that alone.

Congratulations to all winners of the 2023 awards!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this year’s awards, who will bag the Winner gong next year?

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